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The following is a listing of recent reports and publications prepared by the Southern NH Planning Commission. Additional information on each document can be obtained by visiting the Transportation Planning, Community and Economic Development, and Environmental Planning pages on this website.

Transportation Planning

Regional Transportation Planning:

Transportation Improvement Program:

Impact Fees:

Unified Planning Work Program:

Access Management Plan:

Locations with fatal or incapacitating crashes within the SNHPC Region 


Climate Change Adaptation:  Piscataquog River Watershed Stream Crossing Vulnerability Assessment Project - August 2014 

Manchester Connects Final Report (2017)

Manchester Connects Action Kits (updated 9/12/17):
1 - Loop + Riverwalk
2 - Land Use + Parking
3 - Placemaking
4 - Organization


Community and Economic Development

Regional Economic Development Plan - 2011




Land Use:


Moving Southern New Hampshire Forward: 2015-2035 -    
Updated Regional Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Southern New Hampsire Planning Commission on December 16, 2014

Master Plans:


Planning Ordinances:



Environmental Planning

Southern New Hampshir Region Community Preparedness Program  

Merrimack Valley Greenways Plan 2013

Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Operations Plans:


Regional Environmental Planning Program:


Water Resources:


Piscatqaquog River Watershed Culvert Prioritization Model  


Piscataquog River Management Plan


Piscataquog Watershed Land Conservation Plan


Piscataquog River Stream Crossing Assessment Project


Soure Water Protection Plan:


Community Technical Assistance Program



PowerPoint Presentations

Every Building Has a Story - Learning from and caring for historic properties PowerPoint  
Planning for the 21st Century    

Planners' Round Table - January 22, 2016

SNHPC Commission Meeting - June 28, 2016 

SNHPC Annual Meeting - September 9, 2016


SNHPC Commission Meeting - September 27, 2016

SNHPC Commission Meeting - October 25, 2016

SNHPC Commission Meeting - November 22, 2016


SNHPC Legislative Outreach - December 12, 2016, Growing a Sustainable Tech Ecosystem  

SNHPC MPO Commission Meeting - December 20, 2016  

SNHPC Commission Meeting - January 24, 2017

SNHPC Commission Meeting - February 28, 2017

SNHPC Commission Meeting - March 28, 2017

SNHPC Commission Meeting - April 25, 2017

SNHPC Commission Meeting - May 23, 2017


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