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Operating and capital costs for the Manchester Transit Authority (MTA), who operate fixed-route and ADA para-transit bus services in the greater Manchester area, are administered through the Transportation Improvement Program of the SNHPC. In addition, the SNHPC provides planning services to the MTA and conducts short and long-range transit planning activities as included in the Unified Planning Work Program.

The Cooperative Alliance for Regional Transportation (CART) is a curb-to-curb transportation system serving a seven-town Greater Derry-Salem service area, including Chester, Derry and Londonderry in the SNHPC region. CART works with multiple agencies in the Greater Derry-Salem region to coordinate scheduling and dispatching of rides, pooling of transportation resources and accessing Federal transportation funding. CART is a designated recipient of FTA Urbanized Area 5307 funds. SNHPC provides planning services to CART and conducts short and long-range transit planning activities as included in the Unified Planning Work Program.


MTA Short Range Transit Plan (FY18-22)

The FY 2018 – FY 2022 Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) provides a five-year program for the continuing development of the Manchester Transit Authority’s (MTA) fixed-route bus and ADA complementary paratransit services. The document has been designed to provide MTA and Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) with the necessary information to review all aspects of operation. The SNHPC Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) includes funding for updates to the SRTP and the work is completed according to a September 26, 1995 agreement between SNHPC and MTA to maintain and update the SRTP. The SRTP includes a description and evaluation of existing transit service and formulates recommendations. The recommendations included in the SRTP will be re-assessed during the each subsequent version of the Plan.

The FY2018-2022 SRTP was adopted by the MTA Commission on August 29, 2017.

Commuter Rail
The New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority is pursuing the implementation of passenger rail srevice on the New Hampshire Main Line (Capitol Corridor) extending from North Station in Boston, MA to Concord, NH, including station stops in downtown Manchester and MBRA. This service is being pursuied as the first phase of a Boston to Montreal rail service. Rail liability legislation introduced and passed bye the Legislature during the 2008 session was signed by the Governor in June 2008, and a study assessing the economic impacts of restoring intercity passenger rail service between Boston, MA and Cocncord, NH via the Capitol Corridor was completed in March 2010.

In spring 2011, an agreement between the MBTA and Pan Am Railways to enable track rights to provide future passenger service to New Hampshire was approved by the MassDOT Board of Directors.  This agreement would allow for an extension of MBRA Commuter Rail service from Lowell, MA to Concord, NH through Nashua and Manchester. It is anticipated that such a project would ultimately be sponsored and funded by the State of New Hampshire. Additionally, NHDOT has succesfully secured Federal funding that will allow New Hampshire to comprehensively study the feasibility, costs, and benefits of expanding passenger rail service. A major portion of this work will involve the alternatives analyses required to complete the environmental permitting process required to implement the service.

Future steps in the development of passenger rail service include securing Federal Railroad Administration funding for preliminary engineering, finalizing required operating agreements, securing capital and operating funding, and pursuing public-privated paretnerships for station development. The NHRTA is also committed to continuing to work with the State and Federal legislators and local businesses and residents to discuss the economic and quality of life benefits of passenger rail.


Concord-Manchester Transit Service Feasibility Study  
The study is to identify and document the feasibility of express bus and shared ride services for commuters and airport users between the City of Concord, City of Manchester and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, and develop a plan for proposed services that will most effectively and efficiently meet the transportation needs of residents and airport users in the regions served by Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission and the Southern New Hampshire Plannning Commission.