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Rideshare Services

Carpooling and Vanpooling are two rideshare services available in New Hampshire. Carpooling can save time and money, decrease pollution and traffic congestion, and allow someone else do to the driving. Carpooling is one of the most flexible commute options available. It only takes two people to start a carpool, but by sharing the ride with three or more people, you can save even more money. You can carpool once a week or every day, depending on your schedule. You can meet at a mutually convenient location (such as a NH Park and Ride Lot) or pick each other up at home. You don't need to own a car; you can join a pool as a passenger.

To find out more about ridesharing in New Hampshire, click on NH Rideshare. The NH Rideshare website has ridematch applications that can be filled out online, NH Park & Ride locations with maps and directions, a rideshare calculator that will instantly demonstrate how much money you can save by carpooling, and answers to many ridesharing questions.

Select the SNHPC Park and Ride Lots button for information on all Park and Ride Lots located in the SNHPC region.