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Human Service Providers

There are many Human Service Providers throughout the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission region that provide transportation for the elderly, disabled, children, and other transit dependent groups. These Human Service Providers consist of public agencies, private non-profit organizations, local hospitals and health care centers, and other agencies that provide transportation. Human Service Providers do not commonly provide transportation services to the general public, but to specific groups that are currently under contract. To find out more about each Human Service Provider, get contact information, and to see if you are eligible for their services, click on the provider of your choice.

Special Transit Service, Inc.

Special Transit Service (STS), Inc. is a public, non-profit agency that provides transportation services to human service agencies and other organizations in the Manchester area, as well as to disabled individuals. Charges for services are negotiated with individual agencies. Current organizations having contracts with STS are the Manchester School System, the Londonderry School System, other school districts, EMS Licensed Medicaid Transportation, Optima Health Systems, the Manchester Community Health Center, Vocational Rehabilitation, Granite State Independent Living Foundation, Easter Seals, and the Manchester Housing Authority. STS does not charge fares for direct service to disabled individuals, but instead asks for donations. Their fleet consists of 20 regular vans, 23 lift-equipped vans, and 30 school buses. The majority of buses have the capacity for 16 passengers. Only three of the buses can accommodate from one to six wheelchairs. The majority of regular vans have a capacity for 7 passengers, while the lift-equipped vans can accommodate 7 passengers and one wheelchair.

Telephone Number: (603) 668-8603

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

This public non-profit agency transports its patients to and from their residences utilizing a fleet of three 15-passenger vans, one 7-passenger mini-van, and one 21-passenger bus (none of which are lift-equipped). Approximately 24,560 patients are transported annually.

Telephone Number: (603) 668-4111

Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc.

Southern New Hampshire Services is an Accompanied Transportation Provider for the Divisions of Children and Youth Families in the Manchester area. Thirteen (13) vehicles, none of which are lift-equipped are used to provide accompanied transportation services to 240 families annually. This agency also provides transports when requested by local school districts. Southern New Hampshire Services also has three (3) 20-passengers buses and six (6) vans that it uses to transport approximately 115 children in the Manchester area to the Head Start Program.

Telephone Number: (603) 668-8010 or 1-800-322-1073

Greater Derry/Greater Salem Regional Transportation Council

The Council is a non-profit agency that is involved with planning, seeking funding for, and developing a strategy to meet the needs of all transit dependent residents in the Greater Derry/Greater Salem service area. Multi-passenger vans provide rides for the elderly, disabled, and those in need of transit.

Telephone Number: (603) 432-3674 or 1-888-941-3674

Caregivers, Inc.

Volunteers use their own cars to provide transportation services to elderly and/or disabled individuals.

Telephone Number: (603) 622-4948
Website: www.caregiversnh.org

Cardinal Care Transportation

This privately owned business has one Ford 350 van that can transport up to seven passengers or three wheelchairs in the Manchester area.

Telephone Number: (603) 668-1011

New Hampshire Wheelchair Transport, Inc.

New Hampshire Wheelchair Transport Inc. is a privately owned firm that uses three lift-equipped vans and one mini-van to provide transportation services. This agency also provides individualized service, and is a Medicaid Provider.

Telephone Number: (603) 624-8888

Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority

The Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority utilize six (6) vehicles to transport individuals involved in its programs. The Authority has three 15-passenger vehicles, two 16-passenger vehicles, and one 20-passenger vehicle.

Telephone Number: (603) 624-2100 or 1-800-545-1833

Moore Center Services, Inc.

This public non-profit agency transports disabled individuals to and from job sites, and offers service free of charge. The total fleet size is 36 vehicles, consisting of eighteen wheelchair vans, ten 8-passenger vans, three 15-passenger vans, three cars, one cargo van, and one truck.

Telephone Number: (603) 645-9474 or (603) 668-5423
Website: www.moorecenter.org

Lamprey Health Care Center

A fleet of 7 buses and one station wagon is used to provide weekly transportation for the elderly from rural towns in Rockingham County to Manchester. All of the buses are lift-equipped, and each has the capacity for two wheelchairs and 10 to 24 passengers.

Telephone Number: (603) 895-3351

Elliot Hospital

Senior citizens aged 55 and older are transported to and from the hospital from their homes on a no-fare basis. One 8-passenger and two 12-passenger vans provide this service.

Telephone Number: (603) 628-2180

Catholic Medical Center

Utilizing two 12-passenger wheelchair equipped vans, CMC transports patients to and from their homes in Manchester to hospital appointments or to the New Hampshire Center for Rehab & Sports Medicine.

Telephone Number: (603) 668-3545

American Cancer Society

As a volunteer agency, the American Cancer Society provides transportation to cancer patients for cancer related purposes as the need arises. Personal cars and one van (used only in Laconia) are used to provide this service.

Telephone Number: (603) 472-8889 or 1-800-227-2345

Visiting Nurse Association of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire

This agency provides transportation to its own day care facility (VNA Child Care Center) on a daily basis, utilizing a 12-passenger van. Twenty-six children are transported twice daily, at 6AM and 7AM, and at 3PM. and 4PM. During off-peak hours the van is used for field trips.

Telephone Number: (603) 622-3781 or 1-800-624-6084


The YMCA/YWCA owns three (3) 15-passenger vans and two (2) school buses that are used for after school programs in Manchester and Goffstown and for special activities, day care, and summer camp. Additionally, three (3) school buses are leased from the MTA and are used to transport children from schools in Manchester to the YMCA/YWCA for after school activities. Approximately 130 to 150 children are transported to the YMCA/YWCA everyday.

Telephone Number: (603) 623-3558

Manchester Boys and Girls Club

During the school year, three 72-passenger buses provide transportation from area schools to the Manchester Boys and Girls Club for activities, and then back to participants' residences. A 15-passenger van is also utilized for additional transportation, as well as team sports and special activities. Approximately 250 children are transported on the van and the buses each day. In the summer, five buses are used to provide transportation to the Club's day camp in Bedford. Approximately 280 children are transported each day to the summer camp.

Telephone Number: (603) 625-5031

 Care Plus Ambulance

Care Plus Ambulance provides a wide range of medical transportation and support throughout the New Hampshire area. Wheelchair serivce: facility to facility is $27.35 base plus $2.51/mile home-tofacility is $45.00 base plus $3.00/mile. Ambulance service starts at a base of $330.00 plus $11.50/mile and goes up from there.

Telephone Number: (603) 424-8910
Website: www.careplus.org

Girls Inc.

After school program for youth girls.

Telephone Number: (603) 625-1296
Website: www.girlsincnewhampshire.org

Londonderry Senior Center

Londonderry Senior Center provides transportation for Londonderry and Derry residents 55 and older. $2.00 donation per one-way or two-way.

Telephone Number: (603) 432-8554
Website: www.londonderrynh.org

Manchester Community Health Center

Providing demand-response door-to-door service.

Telephone Number: (603) 626-9500
Website: www.mchc-nh.org

NH Department of Health and Human Services

NH Department of Health and Human Services is a Medicaid program from families who meet financial and other eligibility requirements and certain other individuals who lack adequate resources to pay for medical care.

Telephone Number: (603) 271-8166
Website: www.dhhs.state.nh.us

Statewide Coordination Project

For many years, New Hampshire transportation and human services agencies have been discussing ways to coordinate the various community transportation services offered in the state. The goal has been to reduce dupliciation, increase the availability of service, and make scarce resources go further as the need for transportation increases with an aging and growing population.

Website: www.nh.gov/dot/programs/scc

Region 8

The formation of the Region 8 Regional Coordination Council (RCC) began in May 2008 with stakeholder meetings utilizing contacts developed through the completion of the "Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan for the SNHPC Region." For more information visit the website.

Website: www.greatermanchesterrcc.com/home