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The State of New Hampshire’s nine Regional Planning Commission in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services along with numerous experts and professionals will soon be publishing the Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques: A Handbook for Sustainable Development. This new handbook will serve as a toolkit for municipalities and public officials concerned with managing sustainable growth within their communities. The handbook contains an overview and model Models for each of the innovative land use tools authorized under RSA 674:21.

This website has been developed to serve as an introduction to the Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques Handbook by providing a link to each of the model Models which have been developed so far. It also identifies by clicking on the map of municipalities, a list of all the innovative land use regulations that each municipality within the region is currently using along with a link to that Model or regulation.

It is important to remember that before an innovative land use Model is adopted under RSA 674:21, the need and justification for that Model needs to be addressed within the community’s Master Plan.

We hope you will find this website useful as you go about considering any of the innovative land use planning techniques and model Models. For specific questions or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Draft Chapters - Model Models Presentation Audio Model Ordinances Town Ordinances
Multi-Density Zoning        
Density Transfer Credit Presentation Audio Model Ordinance  
Lot Size Averaging Presentation Audio Model Ordinance  
Feature-based Density   Audio Model Ordinance  
Conservation Subdivision Presentation 1, 2   Model Ordinance  
Village Plan Alternative Subdivision Presentation Audio Model Ordinance  
Infill Development     Model Ordinance  
Agriculture Incentive Zoning     Model Ordinance  
Urban Growth Boundary and Urban Service District     Model Ordinance  
Inclusionary Housing Presentation 1, 2 Audio Model Ordinance  
Environmental Characteristics Zoning        
Stormwater Management Presentation 1, 2   Model Ordinance  
Steep Slopes and Ridgeline Protection Presentation   Model Ordinance  
Wildlife Habitat Management     Model Ordinance  
Water Resources Protection        
Wetlands Protection     Model Ordinance  
Drinking water     Model Ordinance  
Shoreland and riparian areas Presentation 1, 2, 3 Audio 1, 2 Model Ordinance  
Flood Hazard Area Zoning     Model Ordinance  
Erosion and Sediment Control Presentation 1, 2 Audio Model Ordinance  
Site-Level Design        
Transit-oriented Development     Model Ordinance  
Pedestrian Oriented Development     Model Ordinance  
Access Management     Model Ordinance  
Dark Skies Lighting     Model Ordinance  
Energy-efficient Development Presentation Audio Model Ordinance  
Landscaping Regulations     Model Ordinance  


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